Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A birdseye view

Google Maps has posted some more-detailed images. This picture, with our house in dead center, must have been taken last year, before I put in my vegetable garden and greatly expanded my flower beds. (My backyard is due east--north is up--of the semi-circle brick drive.) With all the trees, you cannot see what our house looks like, but it gives an idea of the urban area where I live (one of the first subdivisions in Central Florida--built during "the Big Boom" in the very early 1920s).

My garden space is pretty small: In the back, roughly forty-five feet by ninety. But the back yard gets tons of sun, and has a bit more clay in it than is usual for our part of Florida. It's also on a ridge, probably one of the highest points in DeLand. It was also the center of DeLand's famous groves...

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Wicked Good Dinner said...

Just stumbled onto your site this morning! Looking forward to reading more about your garden :-)