Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rain's a'comin'...

Oh, yeah.
Have raised probability of precipitation across the north to 80-90% with convective line
reaching North Lake and Volusia after midnight...probably closer
to 2-3 am. Storm Prediction Center has North Lake and Volusia in slight risk for
severe so there is a chance some portions of central Florida may
be placed in a watch later tonight.

Sunday...ongoing convective line will sweep rapidly southeast across the
forecast area with severe threat decreasing with time. Total rainfall
amounts look impressive across much of the forecast area with one half to one
inch rains expected...but this will decrease to around one quarter
inch across Martin/Saint Lucie counties.
I'm a bit worried about heavy winds damaging my peach tree... but we really need the rain, and an inch of rain would make a real difference.


Vonnie said...

As much as the garden needs water, I'm hoping it ends early. Our church plans tons of ourdoor outreaches instead of traditional worship Sunday. We're hoping the winds aren't too damaging also.

Jenny said...

It's still raining here around the Daytona area. I had just planted my tomato and pepper plants yesterday. I had to bring them under cover so they don't get washed away - it's been raining pretty hard on and off. Guess my grass will be happy :) Hope your peach tree is ok.

Vonnie said...

It torned out to be a great time to be outside for those couple of hours between 10 & 12. Once we were back inside it downpoured. It was great. My cucumbers and sunflowers have sprouted, too!