Friday, May 23, 2008

Some seeds I'm considering from Evergreen

  • Coriander, Slow Bolt Winner
  • Korean Radish, Hybrid Sweet
  • Chinese Radish, Red Skin
  • Daikon Radish, Miyashige Green Neck
  • Korean Squash, Hybrid Green BT
  • Edible Amaranth, Tender Leaf
  • Komatsuna, Hybrid Kojisan
  • Japanese Squash, Hybrid Tetsukabuto


Anonymous said...

What are you going to DO with them? You have to like radishes, right? I was thinking of planting jicama but it's going to be a struggle to use it because it's so...nothing (tasteless, bland, not suitable to stand alone as a sidedish). I'm wondering how many daikon radishes does a person eat? And how?
Explain to me how to eat everything you grow, LOL, most of my gardens fail (I have a sad basil story) because I just don't like eating what I grow. I want to change my ideas though so...what will you do with an entire crop of radishes?

Central FLA Gardener said...

i do like radishes -- some coarse salt, a piece of whole wheat bread, and a bucket of radishes sounds like heaven to me. you can pickle them, or cook them -- just like turnips, maybe better. they're great grated on top of a pork or fish taco. they're one of the joys of the garden! said...

Oh how very francais (can't remember how to do the thingy under the "c")of you central fl gardener! :-) Glad you found stuff you like at evergreen! You will love it! If you like basil their lemon basil does very well in our central florida heat & grows very quickly.

Cinnamonbite: that is the beauty of growing your own stuff...if you like it, for a small investment, you can share your crop with others, and if you don't like it I am positive you can find someone out there who is willing to try it...and might love it! I can't emphasize the trying part enough because homegrown produce's taste is much more exhuberant (best word I can find after just having eaten one of our tomatoes) than store bought stuff...good luck with your growing!

Anonymous said...


Great blog!

Sorry to be so abrupt, but I'm looking for organic Korean radish and Napa cabbage to make kimchi! Wondering if you know of anyone who sells the seeds as USDA certified organic NON GMO.


Anonymous said...

Check out