Monday, May 26, 2008

Eating sweet potato leaves...

Holy cow, this sounds like a tasty way to forage the leaves of sweet potatoes.

Chao Fan Su Ye.
One of the signature dishes of Taiwan!

I don't usually cook Asian food, but I can imagine this dish with garlic and olive oil. After last year's success, I've expanded my sweet potato bed.

And another tasty sounding recipe, African Stew with Sweet Potato Leaves. I'm unsure what makes it African, since the sweet potato is indigenous to South America, and I associate neither peas nor potatoes with African cuisine. Still, the recipe as an idea is appealing.


Anonymous said...

How did it taste?
I am thinking about cooking some tonight...
pd (gardening fool)

nathanz_mama said...

How do you harvest the sweet potato leaves without reducing tuber production?

Central FLA Gardener said...

i still haven't tried eating sweet potato leaves -- just a nibble here and there. tasty.

it must decrease the tuber production a bit, but they grow so fast and the tubers are huge anyway... it couldn't possibly matter much. anyway, i have a store-bought sweet potato that i buried halfway in the ground. in due course, it set out slips, and right now the output from the thing is so high i could easily harvest a gallon of leaves. i suspect that this one root will produce all the fresh leaves anyone could want to eat. i wonder if it'd ever run out of energy?