Thursday, April 10, 2008

Something in the way of vegetables & fruit...

Chard ('Sea Foam' from Pinetree -- an excellent cultivar), carrots, sorrel, tomatoes & coriander. In a bed that I designed in circles.

Granex onions finally starting to bulb up. First time I've grown onions: Found a huge bunch of starts for sale in a hidden corner at Lowe's this winter. I've been thinning them and eating the young ones as scallions. Like most short day onions, these are sweet and therefore keep poorly, so I plan on leaving them in the ground as long as possible, pulling them as I need them. In a bed fmade from leaf mold.

My Rattlesnake Beans have kicked into high production. Last year, I didn't even plant these May, and they continued to produce well all summer, though the late summer beans were really only good as cannelinis (white beans). Very tasty, in any case -- a lot of rich, soya-like umami to them. Stay tender even when large, except in August and September. Grown up wires to an electrical conduit. I have a tomato growing up the conduit.

I was relieved to see this Nesbitt grape finally starting to leaf out. I moved it this past winter. My god, what a root ball! I had read that they are difficult to transplant, but it was harder than I'd expected. I root pruned it severely and cut the vine back dramatically, so I was a bit concerned that it hadn't yet broken dormancy. It's growing on my trellis, and these leaves are almost at the tip, which means that the vine survived well. It, too, has a bit of an aphid problem.

I'm vexed. I have no idea what tomato this is, but I planted the seeds back in January.

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