Thursday, April 10, 2008

Aphids on my fruit trees...

A bit of an aphid invasion of my pear and apple trees. The trees are tough, and the aphids don't last long around here. I gave them a good spray with a mix of neem and peppermint soap. The smell alone should chase them away. Ladybugs, where are you???

On my pear tree:

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Aubrey :) said...

You should spray them with your hose. It throws most of them off, and shreds their bodies. You can also buy ladybugs in little bags at the Home Depot. We did that, because all of our fruit trees looked like yours and the hosing and Dr. Brommers with strained garlic concoction was not helping so much... Just made me hungry for the Olive Garden. :)

You spray your trees in the evening with a good spritz... then, take your ladybugs out there and let them go onto the tree. We did it with a flashlight (they use the light to see where they are going, so don't let them out early morning...) In two days the ladybugs were double the size. We now have no aphids in the back yard, and tons of lovely ladybugs & their babies all over the trees, still... hope they stick around for the summer. :)

I have also heard if you squish some of the aphids, the chemicals release should scare the aphids off... didn't work for me, but it's worth a try...

Hope that helps.