Sunday, April 27, 2008

Raising Cane

From my new-found gardening buddy, Felix, I got a five-foot length of freshly cut sugarcane lst Saturday. I dutifully stuck it in a pot of wet compost in the shade. I checked today for fungus and rot, and was amazed to find that the canes had already put out impressive roots. I promptly transferred them to the garden. I've never grown sugarcane, and I don't really have plans for it (what DOES one do with sugarcane, other than chew on it?), but I have space in the summer garden, and failing anything else, I can use the canes as green manure.

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flgardener said...

What else can you do with sugarcane? Well, you can cut it into scures (thin "sticks") and thread vegetables or meat on them when grilling.