Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Just Fruits and Exotics order is ARRIVED!

From Just Fruits & Exotics, I got in the mail today...

  • Brightwell (Rabbiteye Blueberry)
  • Gulf Coast (Southern Highbush Blueberry)
  • Sharpblue (Southern Highbush Blueberry)
  • Emerald (Rabbiteye Blueberry)
  • 10 plugs of Chandler strawberries
  • 1 Egyptian Walking Onion
  • Muscadine Grape
  • Flordabelle Peach

Everything came well packed. The strawberries were large and healthy, growing in four-inch containers. They went straight into a well-prepared mulch bed with some extra composted manure and my "home mix" organic fertilizer. I've covered them with raised screens, to keep them well shaded while they acclimate. The onions went into a square.

Everything else went back into one-gallon pots until I figure out exactly where I'm putting everything. I'd say the quality of everything was top-notch: Healthy, large and ready to grow.

I also found a moment to transplant eighteen Dukat Dill seeds and eighteen Parsley seeds from their coffee-filter birthing grounds into some small starter cells. It took eight days for the parsley to germinate, a little less for the dill. I really like this method of germinating the seeds and then transplanting them.

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