Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Freeze & more winter sowing...

Pretty hard freeze last night. My guess is it got to 28° last night here, on the highest point in DeLand. Maybe a degree colder. This morning at 8:30am, my microsprinkler droplets were still freezing on the lettuce... So much for my prediction of a warm winter, at least so far. My tomato and pepper seedlings are safe indoors, on the fridge, out of the path of feline devastation. 

We've got more freezing temperatures headed here tonight. 

This morning after a long, cold, run (I never did warm up the entire time), I planted some seeds from my Johnnys' order: celery, cabbage, kale and mache. 

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ecelis said...

Nice site! My tomatoes al froze last night (I am in the Tampa region). Did not get a chance to harvest any. I guess i started the 2nd crop to late (September). Can't believe you already have seedling going. When are you planning to plant them?