Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Seed order

I like Swallowtail. Good selection, great prices, fast to ship. Here's my latest order. I'm a little late for geraniums this year, but they'll still bloom for a few weeks this spring if I get them germinated before Christmas. I'm surprised more people don't start geraniums from seed. I've found them very easy, and they're perennial here in Florida if you can nurse them through out hot and rainy weather--I put them in a shady, mostly covered spot and let them go dormant. I had a couple that were many years old, but died last winter in the cold. 

I dug up some goldenrod last year and planted it in my front bed, where it's very dry and sunny. It did OK this year, but not great. I was amazed at the number of bees it drew in October and November, so I've decided to put a bunch of them in one of my butterfly beds. 

--  --------  ------------------------------------------------  -----  -----
  1  AN9014A   GERANIUM, MAVERICK ORANGE 10 SEEDS                $3.29  $3.29
  1  AN10320A  GERANIUM, MAVERICK SCARLET 10 SEEDS               $3.49  $3.49
  1  AN9197    GERANIUM, INSPIRE SCARLET 10 SEEDS                $2.97  $2.97
  1  VG221     TOMATOES, ARKANSAS TRAVELER - 30 SEEDS            $1.99  $1.99
  1  PR11292   HIBISCUS, LUNA MIX - 10 SEEDS                     $4.49  $4.49
  1  PR875     GOLDENROD, GOLDEN BABY - 100 SEEDS                $2.49  $2.49
  1  PR105005  YELLOW TRUMPET BUSH, MAYAN GOLD - 10 SEEDS        $4.49  $4.49
  1  HR57      EPAZOTE - 200 SEEDS                               $1.49  $1.49
  1  HR83      RED PERILLA - 1/2 GRAM                            $2.65  $2.65


Steven Hunt said...

Zinnias do great for me, and I have tried several varieties. Most striking are the lime green--full, bushy, almost floresant flowers.

Next year I plan on buying another camera so I can share photos.


ecelis said...

Do you have good experience with the Arkansas Traveler tomatoes? when do you plan to start the seeds and when do you plan to put them in the ground?