Saturday, June 14, 2008

Coitus interrupted...

I hope these lubber-lovers appreciated their last seconds on my plumeria... I despise them--they hiss and spit as the pliers close around their noggins.

Dreadful beasts. Red of claw, indeed.


Wretched said...

ARGH! I hate lubbers! I had a 3 incher today that I threw a LARGE rock on (25lb?) and I heard the crunch. It was a direct hit. I saw it flattened.
I look for it 5 minutes later and do not see it. There is no WAY it's still alive.
Sure enough it was pulling itself away, badly injured but alive. I repeated the process with more force and this time it was mostly underground from the impact.
Cursed critters. Must have killed 20 in the black/red and black/yellow stages.

Anonymous said...

Ewwwwww! We are moving to Central FL in three weeks. I asked my husband about what kinds of gross insects might live there, he failed to mention these monsters. Gross, I do not like big crunchy bugs!

ProfAbbott said...

They look like bass food to me.