Monday, June 30, 2008

Can tomatoes be grown in Floridas heat? - Florida Gardening Forum - GardenWeb

July has been the end of tomato season for me in the past. The bugs and diseases get bad, but the main problem is that tomatoes stop setting fruit when the temperatures get much above ninety or when the lows don't get below seventy... in other words, most tomatoes stop setting fruit in July. (The exceptions are small-fruited varieties, which continue to set fruit all summer.) A recommendation from the Florida Forum...
Can tomatoes be grown in Floridas heat? - Florida Gardening Forum - GardenWeb: "Well, my second mater from this summer experiment was actually much better tasting that the first one. The Solar Set is clearly setting fruit better than the Solar Fire. I have them double-potted (7gal in 10gal) to keep the soil heat down and as you can see they are up under the canopy of a live oak tree so they are only getting six hours of direct sunlight. I didn't give them any CRF and I have not been the best at hitting them with MG, and I didn't cage them because I really didn't expect them to do as well as they have so far...."
Fruit set is just one problem... Bugs, heat, drought and disease are equally flummoxing. But if I ever feel the need for August tomatoes, I might give these heat-setting tomatoes a try.

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