Monday, September 03, 2007

A garden update in pictures...

My poor, benighted corn ('Silver Queen'). The bugs this time of year are really bad, but I hope that the corn will outgrow/outlast the flea beetles and aphids...

Blue Fortune Agastache (I think)... Highly attractive to bees. Leaves smell like licorice when pinched.

August brings lots of blooms on the roses (here's 'Abram Darby', an English rose that does well here), but their quality is often disappointing. This bloom has been damaged by heavy rain and a bit of fungus.

Dahlia 'Sunshine' from This dahlia's the first I've found that blooms here in the fall. No disease problems, and a ton of blossoms on the way. Grows under the shade of a huge 'Prosperity' rose.
New to my garden, Rudbeckia triloba.
Duranta erecta, 'Sparkling Showers.' First time it's bloomed all summer. I have a huge D. erecta 'alba' growing nearby. Nice wildlife value, and the flowers work very well in bouquets.
Isn't okra wonderful? (Annie Oakely Okra from Pinetree)

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broadcasting from a knitting parlour said...

Didn't you plant some Burmese okra? I have some growing right now. It's awesome stuff. Next year, I'll do an early summer crop. You can see a pic or two at