Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sunshine Blue Blueberry

Another blueberry cultivar to add to my garden. From tony_k_orlando, on GardenWeb's Florida Forum:

"Sunshine Blue is what I have been growing for yrs now. The beauty of this variety is that they require the LEAST amount of chill hours, they are self pollinating and grow no more than about 3ftx3ft AND they are the least fussy when it comes to pH levels."


CuJM said...

Do you have some seed to share? I can trade also.

Anonymous said...

Blueberry plants are not usually propagated by seed. The resulting plants would not be true to type, and there would be a lot of genetic variation from one seedling to the next. Instead, cuttings should be taken and rooted. (peat + perlite, misters, greenhouse, etc)
The EASY way for beginners to do it is to use the technique known as air layering.
Google it, and try it. I get a 100% success rate with all my blackberry and blueberry cuttings, and I don't own a mister or a greenhouse.