Monday, July 16, 2007

The accidental squash...

Sometime in June, I saw this vine crawl out of blackberry bed that I had mulched heavily with kitchen waste. I kept meaning to yank it out, but somehow kept forgetting. then I went out of town for three weeks. Bill, who was looking after my garden in my absence, asked me what squash I was growing. I had no idea.

When i got back a week ago, I had a perfect 1 pond butternut squash. I guess it only set one fruit before it got too hot.

We ate it tonight, coated with a fiery spice rub and roasted until it was so done you could eat the rind, too. On a bed of rice, with lentils. fresh tomatoes for dessert. (mmmmm....) Perfect.

I bet if I tried a dozen times to replicate this -- to grow a winter squash in July in Central FLA -- it would never again work

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