Wednesday, April 18, 2007

what's blooming in your garden?

let's see here... starting with the upper-left and ending in the center: 'Dead Mickey's Begonia (fibrous root); 'Céline Forestier'; Snapdragons finally blooming (with some peonie poppies in the back there getting ready to bloom); blooms on my new pomegranate (thanks, castorp!); Perlagonium 'Sensation Cherry' that I grew from seed this winter; pots of Alstroemeria; some Nasturtiums -- these ruffled yellow ones didn't bloom much in the winter, but now they're excellent -- slightly scented, too!; Foxglove 'Foxie'; 'Glamis Castle' (an English, growing on its own roots)

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Wicked Gardener said...

I like the lay out - I'll have to try that one.