Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter 2007

An Easter bouquet of Dietes, Rosa Laevigata, Chinese Wisteria, Freesia, blooms from a fibrous-root Begonia (Dead Micky's Begonia), Alstroemeria, and some Salvia Leucantha. I love Dietes in bouquets, but the bloom only lasts one day (in the vase or in the ground). Fortunately, most of my Dietes are huge and each stollon has multiple blooms, which continue to open for several days.

I usually work in a bunch of roses for my Easter bouquet, but I've won a Pyrrhic victory against a nasty case of Black Spot this year by severely pruning many of my roses. They're putting on lots of health growth now, but I'm several weeks off from cutting blooms.

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