Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday morning planting...

My traditional Monday morning moment in my garden. A couple of weeks ago I bought two green plastic window boxes (three-foot by six-inches by six-inches) on clearance at Lowes for three dollars. This morning in one of them I planted:
  • French Breakfast Radish
  • Tokyo Cross Turnips
  • A mix of Adelaide and Little Finger Carrots
It's a very cool and damp day after a week of near-record highs last week. Cucumbers are growing at a tremendous rate, covered in yellow blossoms, and forming cucumbers. Broc is getting bigger and bigger (now more than two feet wide), but STILL no sign of heads.


gardening in Jacksonville said...

Hi, I am new to blogging, but found your blog through a search for plantings in sunny Florida. Is there a way for me to ask you a gardening question or two? perhaps via email?

Central FLA Gardener said...

Ask away, here in the comments. If you're new to gardening in Florida & have questions, the GardenWeb Florida forum is an amazing resource:

I post there under the name an_ill-mannered_ache (an anagram of my full name).

Robert Brinkmann said...

I am loving your posts about permaculture!!! Great stuff!!