Monday, December 29, 2014

A little verticality...


Elite said...

I like the look of vertical gardens and how they fill up a smaller space.

Anna said...

Lots of space saving ideas in this one photo! Loving it. Also I would like to admit that I am a little jealous- I see lots of lettuce and other cold weather delicious food crops growing there. It's snowing hard and very cold today where I live so I'm sort of on total garden pause. So, enjoy your winter gardening season, for all of us in the great cold tundra. :)

Thesis writer said...

Good method. You prove that no need huge place for vegetation. Thank you very much for sharing this

Kathy said...

This is such a good idea! I have spent the morning in my tiny garden wondering where I am going to plant everything that's ready to plant out of my green house. I have half a dozen sweet peas with no home in sight! Luckily I have a talented husband who can whip one of these up for me. Thanks for the idea. Sorry if I have published this twice. Doesn't look like it has gone through.

Joe Felegi said...

My dad does this in his garden and he loves it. He is able to grow a lot more food, and it is also very helpful for keeping pests and unwelcome critters away from the plants!

Kiran said...

I like vertical gardening. And I am trying it for may garden wall. Thank you so much for writing about vertical gardening, It will help me alot.

RD@Farm Plans said...

Consume your Garden's vertical space saves ground area space. Few people maximize their gardens space by also consuming the vertical space. Most of the plants do grow in pots and put in vertical spaces. I've love what you have done it's simple and yet fits the space you have in your garden.

Jenny Hayes said...

This text is really worth everyone’s concentration. It sounds really go0o0d.

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