Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Latest seed order...

From Pinetree. Cheap seeds, good selection. These have all worked well for me.

Pinetree Garden Seeds
PO Box 300
New Gloucester, ME 04260

Product #: SP17-MUNCHING MIX 4 OZ
Product #: 431-TOKYO CROSS TURNIP (F1 hybrid 30 days)
Product #: 303-FRENCH BREAKFAST RADISH (25 days)
Product #: 7201-SUGAR SNAX CARROT (F1 hybrid 63 days)
Product #: 189-CRESS-UPLAND (25 days)
Product #: 19102-DINOSAUR KALE (53 days)


Randy and Alison said...

Is "Munching Mix" a lettuce mix?

Central FLA Gardener said...


Alan said...

I haven't compiled my seed order yet though it's on my list of things to do 'real soon now.'

Buying container plants to set out on the other hand...