Sunday, November 25, 2007

Garden sink

I've wanted to install a laundry sink outdoors for years. I put this right around the side of the house from the kitchen door (the main backyard door), in our 'utility' area where the grills and trash cans live. It's also very close to my potting area. I hooked it up to an existing 1/2" PVC line, and for the moment at least I'm draining it into a five-gallon bucket. I'll use the sink for a variety of chores, including washing up after gardening, washing really messy pots and pans, laundry, potting tasks, and cleaning fruits and veg from the garden. It's amazing how much water you use for even small tasks, and I hope to have the discipline to use the waste water on my veg and flowers.

Our house was built back in the 20s, and then several additions. We ended up with two spigots, both on the far end of the house. I've slowly expanded the system with a network of buried 1/2" PVC pipes, which you can see at the bottom of this picture. I've killed many, many plants by dragging hoses, so putting spigots in convenient spots has been a priority: I have something like six in my yard now.

Anyway, there are a few things I need to do still -- paint the PVC, use some discarded bricks and pavers to pave the stupid cut-out they put around the house for plants, and erect a latice screen to hide the entire service area.
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Lona said...

I Just love your idea and may have to steal it from you for my potting area out back.So much more room for cleaning pots.