Sunday, October 21, 2007

Seminole Springs

Some of us GardenWebbers from the Florida Forum spent the morning at Seminole Springs Antique Rose & Herbs, an organic grower not far from Mt. Dora, Florida. Tracy, the owner, was kind enough to open her shop on Sunday for us to hang out. We hung out for an hour or so there, exploring the scores of herbs she has. We then swapped some of our own plants before heading for a nice lunch in Sanford.
Dutch Lavender. Tracy tells me it doesn't bloom much, but it's a pretty silver and has all the fragrance of regular (French) lavender... and it survives our summers!
Tracy, owner & engine of Seminole Springs Nursery, talking about getting certified as an organic grower.

My friend Bill, exploring the greenhouse.

I bought a couple thymes (French and a variegated one), marjoram, a bay tree, cilantro, prostrate rosemary, Dutch Lavender. At the swap, I got some more Rudbeckia triloba, some flowering vines for the gazebo, and cuttings from salvias and Buddleias.

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