Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Trade List

For GardenWeb devotees, my trade list...
I always have potted up for trade...

Stachytarpheta jamaicensis 'Porterweed'
Hamelia Patens 'Firecracker Shrub'
Star Jasmine
Rex begonia
Ruellia elegans
Alternanthera 'Purple Knight'
Numerous Old Garden Roses
African Purple Basil (awesome plant)
Blue-Eyed Grass (another winner)
Helianthus debilis 'Dune Sunflower'
Spicy Jatropha (J. integerrima)
Various keikis from Dendrobium orchids
- Thunbergia alata (blackeyed susan vine)
- Pot marigolds (various vigorous cultivars)


Dyalma said...

Hi, I have Capsicum chinense, Spathiphyllum, asparagus sprengeri, purple datura and bromeliad plants to trade for hamelia patens and helianthis debilis.

Central FLA Gardener said...

Where are you located?

Dyalma said...

I live in Riverview, south of Brandon. I don't mind going where you are.

CJ Gervasi said...

Hi Central FLA Gardener!!! It is exciting to meet someone as enthusiastic about the poppy variety as you!!! I love them too, they are so beautiful especially the california!! I am a beginning gardener in Gainesville, is there any way you could help get these to start sprouting, I guess I don't have a green thumb yet, could pay you for you time and input, just want to get a garden on flowers going with all the varieties and I love baking with poppy seeds as well!